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Craigslist Software For Marketing Success

In the mid 1990’s during the revolution of the internet the first free classified site came along and this was the beginning of Fast forward more than a decade forward and now they have become the largest free classified site in the world with millions of users each day browsing and looking for services, jobs, real estate, and much more. For the online marketer this area is ripe with money making opportunities and to benefit from this Craigslist software is needed. With this type of tool any individual can post multiple ads through the various cities of Craigslist with minimal effort and have it fully automated. When posting a large number of classified advertisements it is not uncommon to receive thousands of potential customers almost instantly once these posts have gone live. Posting a large amount of ads manually is almost impossible for a single user, though with a Craigslist solution it becomes almost effortless.

The major reason that people and businesses a like post onraigslist, besides the large amount of daily users, is that it is free to place classified ads, which means there is absolutely no cost. That is unless you are trying to post a job offer in a few selected cities. This allows people to acquire potential customers with no cost is any businesses dream, since that is where a large portion of their profits has to be spent to continue the growth and profitability. With this information being shared, imagine how nice it would be to see a 10% daily increase to your business and that number is easily attainable with a viable posting software solution.

If you don’t believe us, think about placing 25 ads in the largest cities each day in a specific services category on Craigslist. Within 24 hours you will have received hundreds of new inquires from your free classified ads wanting to know more information and be contacted back. This will happen every single day that you are placing ads on Craigslist. The best part is that your older ads still stay online and will continue to receive users attention as well only parlaying your inquires. Now let’s take all that information and think about using Craigslist poster and placing 250 ads everyday. This will bring you thousands of new interested parties that will want to get in contact with you and really make the sales explode for your business.

The next thing you are asking is if it is this easy why aren’t more people doing this? Well that is a good question and the real reason is that people aren’t familiar with Craigslist automation is that can fully automate the entire process. When we say fully automated we mean just that. It’s like having your marketer live inside your computer and working 24 hours a day to bring you more clients to your business. You set the rules and tell it exactly what it needs to do and it happily does your biding. Come rain or shine you know that your auto poster will be working for you and you will see the difference.

The Best Automated Solution

Still not sure? Well take one piece of software CLAD Genius, the clear industry standard of Craigslist tools. Once you have created your advertisement for your business it will go out and post on the schedule you setup. Whether you want it to post once everyday or place postings every 10 minutes. This can all be managed inside the program and it even provides you with complete status of each ad you have placed. So you can see what category, city, and time that is was placed. Along with it is live, flagged, ghosted, or no longer active.

It doesn’t stop there either it also has a complete mutation feature that will take a single ad you have written and completely spin it. Changing the words, using smart technology, and creating unique ads each time it posts to Craigslist to give you further marketing success. This is a feature that no other Craigslist product has on the market. It is essential for being able to place a large amount of ads and relieves any worry of having your posts flagged or the ghosted.

If you are experienced in posting to Craigslist you will know the pains of creating and having a large list of email accounts at your disposal. Since they monitor this actively and if any email account is used too often the posts will be automatically removed from their website. With CLAD Genius it can detect when you need new email accounts and will automatically make new Hotmail or Gmail accounts for you. Then select these new accounts and post your ads directly to Craigslist keeping you clear of any posting issues. Do you know of any other Craigslist automated posting solution that can do this?

There is also full captcha support from various 3rd party services, so you have options and don’t have bother with typing in the human verification before each ad is placed. With this feature you can see how this Craigslist product will run fully automated all the time bringing in more business. Captcha entry services are very cost effective for any poster and relieve you of having to sit over the program and enter away each time an ad is posted.

With so many other great features included in the CLAD Genius software it is something that is better to experience directly and the best way to do this is by downloading their free demo which you can do by clicking the link below. If you want to increase your customer acquisition and see the profits rise for your business try marketing online through free classified sites with the #1 Craigslist tool today.

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